BABAYANTS ARCHITECTS team has been looking into contemporary architecture, interior, and design for 9 years.


We’re famous for being the main minimalists in Moscow. But for us, minimalism is as much artistic language as a way of perceiving the world and its beauty. There is a place only for essentials.


We live in the future trying to be ahead of time in each sketch. We set the goal to create something new and make a discovery in each project. We design the sensual experience, internality, and emotions.


We work with space, products, and concepts. We design residential and public interiors, and architecture. We build brand's perceptions. We produce furniture and participate in fairs and exhibitions. Passionately diving into new mediums, we are ready to collaborate.


Even in tough times, we believe that aesthetics is the core value of a human. Innovation, freedom, and sincerity are the foundation of a great project.