We believe that sensible planning, just like house foundation, is at the core of everything. Even if, for some reason, you can’t order complete design project (you have limited budget or found a different designer and not sure about the results), we still insist on developing planning solutions with an expert. 

Given that with sensible planning every centimeter and eventually every square meter is optimized, planning with an expert makes more sense. 


1) Signing the contract and creating technical design specifications

2) Developing several planning solutions (from two to five)

3) Presenting and discussing the variants. Selecting the best option or creating a new layout of the proposed variants

As a result, you will get a plan with furniture arrangement with precise measurements and furniture location within the area. The space has to be balanced so that every square meter works in order to meet the needs of your family.


ЗDepends on object size and complexity and our workload at the moment

20 working days approximately


From 14 $ per 1 sq. m. 
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